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Music toys

Making music is not only good for the development of your child, but also a lot of fun. That is why you will find the best music toys for young children here. Of course, there are many different musical instruments available for every age stage. Our musical toys are mainly intended for children between 0 and 8 years old.

Music toys

It has a great advantage to introduce children to toy musical instruments at a young age. It gives a positive spin to the development that you as a parent have often not thought about.

A combination of senses goes to work. A child makes music, which trains the motor skills, at the same time the hearing is called upon, and the hearing controls what the child does next. It all seems very complex, but luckily this all happens in a playful way and it also makes children very happy.

Music toys baby

The first introduction to musical toys can already be done when babies start to grasp. A rattle is a good example of this. They soon make the link that when they wave their arm, the rattle makes a sound. A world discovery at this age that tastes like more.

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